GraphQL Performance Monitoring & Error Tracking

Supervise the health of your GraphQL API and get real-time visibility into problems.

Performance monitoring & Error tracking features showcase
Monitoring & Tracking Features

Your API’s panopticon

  • Track errors and get real-time alerts

    Track all HTTP and GraphQL errors sent from your API and receive alerts on spikes the moment they become a problem for your users.

  • Insights and pattern detection

    Examine the production response times of all queries and mutations sent to your GraphQL API. Identify and debug operations slowing down your users.

  • Notify your team & get it done

    When things go wrong, notify the right people over the right channel. Use the Slack and PagerDuty integrations or good old email.

More than just monitoring

Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Cache is about peace of mind for your GraphQL API. Caching and analytics features are included by default.