What is Stellate's GraphQL Edge Caching?

Stellate is a programmable edge GraphQL Gateway that sits in front of your API. With Stellate you can speed up your API through caching, control its load through GraphQL Rate Limiting, understand your load patterns with GraphQL Metrics and manage your breaking schema changes utilizing metrics data.

Getting started

To get started, sign up and create a new Stellate service that points to your GraphQL backend. Then, use that service endpoint instead of your backend with your GraphQL client. Check out our Quickstart for a guided onboarding experience.

Stellate GraphQL Edge Suite

Once your Stellate service is set up, unlock the full power of your GraphQL API.

GraphQL Edge Cache

Learn how to speed up your API through Stellate's GraphQL Edge Cache.

GraphQL Metrics

Get insights into the usage and performance patterns of your API with zero setup needed.

GraphQL Rate Limiting

Learn how to control the load of your GraphQL API with Stellate's GraphQL Rate Limiting.

GraphQL Developer Portal

Create a Developer Portal for your API, allowing external consumers to create an API-Key and allowing you to see their usage.