CMD+K Switcher

CMD+K is a feature integrated into the Stellate dashboard that enhances user experience by allowing quick and efficient navigation and search capabilities using keyboard shortcuts. It is designed to cater to engineers who prefer to navigate applications without taking their hands off the keyboard, thus improving productivity.

CMD+K is also designed to be snappy and intelligent, providing a seamless way to navigate and search through the application's data.

Benefits of CMD+K

CMD+K provides a quick search functionality, enhancing the user experience for developers working with GraphQL APIs. It offers:

  • Quick Navigation: You can invoke a search bar to quickly jump to different parts of the application or find specific items.
  • Grouping Operations: CMD+K groups GraphQL operations under the same name, which is useful for GraphQL APIs where operations may evolve over time.
  • Global Shortcuts: shortcuts like Shift+O for operation search, streamlining the process of finding and analyzing specific data points.
  • Smart Suggestions: It combines results from operations and schema searches based on your input, making it a powerful tool for developers.

Before You Begin

CMD+K is optimized for users who are comfortable with keyboard navigation and shortcuts. You can use it on different platforms:

  • Mac users can use the cmd + k shortcut.
  • Windows users can use the ctrl + k shortcut.
  • Linux users can use the ctrl + k shortcut.

Get Faster with CMD+K

With our CMD+K switcher you can reach almost anywhere in the Stellate dashboard. To use CMD+K, you can simply:

  1. Enter the Command+K shortcut on your keyboard on an appropriate page.
  1. In the activated pop-up, type in your search query to find operations, fields, types, or use navigation quick links. Our CMD+K Switcher supports searching your entire schema, allowing you to quickly go to a specific type, field, or operation.

Global Keyboard Shortcuts

For even faster navigation, use the built in global keyboard shortcuts such as:

  • shift+T to open operation search.
  • I for Insights (I).
  • C for Caching (C).
  • T for Schema Explorer (T).

CMD+K Examples

CMD+K is used throughout the Stellate Dashboard to provide a seamless and efficient way to navigate the interface. It is particularly useful, for example, on the operations page, where you can see grouped operations and their permutations, and on the schema page, where you can search for specific elements within the GraphQL schema. For example:

  • To search for an operation named "product details," press CMD+K, type "product details," and CMD+K will display all operations with that name.
  • To search for a specific field within the schema, press CMD+K and start typing the field name to get suggestions.