Confidently Make Config Changes with CacheGuard

Maximizing the effectiveness of your cache involves defining cache rules as granularly as possible. This level of specificity also comes with perceived risk, as even simple changes can lead to security or performance leaks. Luckily, CacheGuard has you covered with a suite of change management tools that allow you to reason about the impacts of the changes you make.

  • Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview: Instant insight into the impact of proposed config changes before a change is actually made
  • Cache Rule Directory: A summary view of the rules you've implemented and the queries they've impacted
  • GitHub Pull Request Integration: Feedback directly in GitHub PRs about proposed config changes

Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview

Making changes to a config can be intimidating, particularly with leaks - you run the risk of caching sensitive data and also run the risk of causing data to no longer be cached.

An image of the CacheGuard Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview

To help you reason about the potential impact a config change will have, we've introduced the Config Change Preview screen.

Any time you edit a config and press Review, you have the option to select the Review Cache Rules button from the save modal. This takes you to the Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview screen, where a number of helpful datapoints are displayed

  • Newly cacheable queries: queries that will be cached that were not previously
  • No longer cacheable queries: queries that will no longer be cached that were previously cached
  • Updated cache configuration: queries whose cache configuration has been updated, such as the TTL or SWR

For each impacted query, you'll see the configured values for MaxAge, SWR, and Scope, along with the CHR and number of requests over the past 24 hours

GitHub PR Integration

If you manage your config in code, it can be helpful to understand the impact of potential changes right within your workflow. With Stellate's GitHub PR integration, you receive instant feedback on the number of rules that were added, changed, or removed. We also include a link to view the Config Change Preview directly in the Stellate dashboard.

Details on installing the integration can be found in the GitHub Marketplace, here.

Cache Rule Directory

The cache config is a great way to manage your cache configuration declaratively and in a VCS. Sometimes, though, it's helpful to have a high-level view, and for that we have the Cache Rule Directory. The Cache Rule Directory, available from the config screen, provides two views:

  1. Summary: an easily digestible list of the configured rules and their properties
  2. Detail: a per-rule view that allows you to understand which queries have been impacted by the rule in the previous 24 hours
An image of the CacheGuard Rules Directory