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Without Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Caching
ORBIT_AUTH_KEY: "ob_23ksdklsadfk"
Stellate Edge Cache activated
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GraphQL Edge Caching

Make your GraphQL API blazing fast worldwide, not just in us-east-1.

Be blazing fast

Get ~40ms response times worldwide. Get your users the speed they deserve.

Cache any APIs

Add caching to any GraphQL API. Just like you're used to with REST APIs.

Shield your API

Protect your API from traffic spikes and downtime. Allow your users to rely on you, always.

Lighten the load

Reduce your origin load by up to 95%. Handle any traffic spike, avoid downtime and save costs.

Operate continuously

Resolve stability issues with auto retries and stale-while-revalidate. Steady wins the race.

GraphQL Metrics

With no configuration, get real-time observability for your GraphQL APIs usage, performance and errors.

Get deep insights

Understand the traffic on all queries, types and operations. Get granular insights and always know what's going on.

Iterate confidently

Track and understand all HTTP & GraphQL errors. Get insights, build on facts and iterate with confidence.

Optimize performance

Check the origin response times for each query and mutation. Know where to optimize your API.

Control notifications

Learn about speed drops and errors the second your users do. Define who gets notified about what.

GraphQL Rate Limiting

Protect your GraphQL API from scrapers, traffic spikes, exploding infrastructure costs, and broken SLA terms.

Prevent service degradation

Malicious actors, misconfigured clients, and traffic spikes can cause slowdowns or downtime for your GraphQL API.

Contain your infrastructure costs

While serverless infrastructure allows you to scale quickly, it can also get very costly.

Enforce your SLA

Ensure your customers with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that require them to stay within their traffic allowance.

Stop scrapers

If you have valuable data, you can bet that somebody will attempt to scrape it for their own use.

See for yourself

Try Stellate now

Run the command below, point your GraphQL client at the gateway URL, and witness the fitness.

npx stellate serve --backend-port 4000
Getting dependencies...
Creating local dev environment
A Stellate service for your local GraphQL API
is now running at http://localhost:5800!

Ready for the real thing?

Enter your own API endpoint, have it up and running in 5min.

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Don’t just take our word

  • Caching responses has always been a pain for us but with Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Caching we had it set up in minutes.

    Eliezer Steinbock's Twitter avatar

    Eliezer Steinbock

    Founder, Draft Fantasy

  • The main feature in our release was live collaboration, but we actually received more praise for the performance improvements from using Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Caching!

    Vincent Battaglia's Twitter avatar

    Vincent Battaglia

    CTO, Ludus

  • We are seeing a major difference in server load and response times for our users. I would highly recommend Stellate’s GraphQL Edge Caching to everyone with a GraphQL API!

    Corjen Moll's Twitter avatar

    Corjen Moll

    Co-founder, Reversed Digital

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