GraphQL Edge Caching for WPGraphQL

Super fast and scalable WordPress GraphQL APIs – with Stellate for WPGraphQL.


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Speed up WPGraphQL in minutes!

Set up your Stellate service

Sign up for Stellate and create a Stellate service that's pointed at your WPGraphQL API. While the default 15-minute cache rule works fine, you can increase the maxAge and swr values considerably since the WordPress plugin automatically handles cache invalidation for you.

Create service UI

Install the WordPress plugin

In your WordPress installation, navigate to Plugins --> Add New, search for Stellate and click the Install Now button. If you need help with the installation, feel free to reach out to us via the in-app chat.

Wordpress plugin step 1

Configure the WordPress plugin

Once you have activated the Stellate plugin, you will see a new Caching submenu in your GraphQL menu. Enter your Stellate service's name and a Purging API Token to activate the cache purging.

Wordpress plugin step 2

Smooth integrator

Speed up your WPGraphQL API today with Stellate's GraphQL Edge Cache