Our vision

Who we are and what we do

Our vision is to unlock the world's data by creating the global data graph. To achieve this vision, we start with making open GraphQL APIs ubiquitous.

By making the global data graph a reality, Stellate unlocks the compounding effects of innovation by removing the inefficiencies of connecting poorly structured and documented APIs. The recaptured development time alone is significant — less time spent on busy work allows for more time spent on innovation and value creation. Inevitably, this global data graph will be the center of the digital economy and Stellate will be the center of the global data graph.

Our shared values

We at Stellate are values-driven people. Shared values are the foundation of successful collaboration.

  • Intentionality

    Before we act, we reflect. Trusting each other to do things with meaning and purpose we avoid inefficiency and frustration.

  • Excellence

    We strive for excellence every day. In our work and in the way we interact with each other. It's a challenge and a welcome one.

  • Collaboration

    We value conversation over silence, support over being right. We value listening over talking and the team over the hero.

  • Deliberate Inclusion

    Every voice and every opinion completes the picture. We're humbled by feedback and acknowledge our own biases.

  • Default to Open

    Public beats private. We share things in the open and don't ever hesitate to ask a question. It's how we learn and grow.

  • Empathy

    We care for and about each other. We appreciate the time and energy every one of us contributes to the team.

The Stellate Future Founder Promise

We are supportive of side-projects and want to enable anyone in the company to become a founder one day, if that is what you want to do. That's afterall how Stellate started.

In this podcast, we share our knowledge on the path of building a SaaS company. The podcast features the Stellate team and other industry experts and personalities in the startup world. This is the podcast we wished had existed when we started Stellate.

Future Founder Promise Podcast cover art

Supporting you to do your best work

At Stellate we have one main principle: people-first. From this value flows everything we do, including, of course our perks.

  • Work Environment & Equipment

    You need it, you get it. As a part of the team, we simply trust you not to overspend.

  • Flexible time off

    If we hire you, it means we trust you. Take time off if you need it. We don't micromanage input and only assess output.

  • Coaching for all

    No matter how good you are, there is always room for growth. That's why we offer professional coaching to all team members.

  • Industry Conferences & Conventions

    Network, learn and grow at the leading conferences around the world. It's a mutual benefit.

  • Connect with your Colleagues

    Socializing on Zoom is tough. Visit colleagues up to three times a year, no matter where.

  • Employee Development

    Aside from the coaching, we support your ambitions to learn and grow with up to $2,5k a year.

  • Health benefits

    Your health is our concern and responsibility. Full insurance coverage is obligatory and your mental health is taken seriously.

  • Retirement Plans

    It's hard to imagine retiring one day, right? Keep your focus on the present with full support for your retirement plan.

  • Referral Fees

    Know some talent or a potential client? Of course, you do! Get a fixed $3k referral fee for every successfull recommendation.

  • Meal Perks

    Break bread with the team. Every meal shared with at least one colleague or when on PagerDuty is paid for by the company.

  • Your favourite Perk

    What do you think is important for a happy and productive work place? We're happy to hear your proposals for the next perk.

Want to know how we work?

Check out out detailed and open employee handbook!