Pricing that scales

We've got your back: Stellate is free for indie hackers and individual developers. For companies, our pricing scales with your usage!

  • Free forever

    For indie hackers and side projects

    1 seat
    2 services
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    • Business

      For teams

      10 seats
      • Enterprise

        For large companies

        Custom seats
        Custom services
        • SLAs
        • SSO
        • DPA

        Individual pricing

        Individual deals for every scale

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        Plan overview

        For pet projects and mega corps

          • Monthly requests
          • Seats
          • Services
          • General
          • Locations worldwide
          • Custom domains
          • Environments (staging, prod)
          • Configuration CLI
          • Local development
          • GraphQL Edge Caching
          • Fine-grained configuration
          • Expiry-based invalidation
          • Automatic mutation invalidation
          • Purging API
          • Purging IDE
          • Operation-Level Cache Rules Analysis
          • Max Cache Hit Rate Estimation
          • GraphQL Metrics
          • Operation-level cache hit rate analysis
          • Operation-level performance monitoring
          • Performance alerts
          • GraphQL & HTTP error tracking
          • Error alerts
          • Email alerts
          • Slack alerts
          • Schema usage tracking
          • Custom Attributes Tracking
          • Max Cache Hit Rate Estimation
          • Retention (days)
          • GraphQL Rate LimitingFree During Private Alpha
          • Request-count-based limits
          • Complexity-based limits
          • Operation dependent rules
          • Custom consumer identification
          • Real-time visibility
          • Support
          • Email support
          • Community support (Discord)
          • Live chat support (within business hours)
          • 99.99% Uptime SLA
          • SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)
          • Data Processing Agreement
          • Free forever

          • Unlimited
          • 1
          • 2
          • 97
          • Unlimited
          • Unlimited
          • 14
          • Business

          • $10 / 1M requests
          • 10
          • Unlimited
          • 97
          • Unlimited
          • Unlimited
          • 30
          • Enterprise

          • Volume discounts
          • Custom
          • Custom
          • 97
          • Unlimited
          • Unlimited
          • Custom
        Questions and Answers

        The most frequent queries

        • What is the fair use policy?

          To avoid abuse from malicious actors, we have to put a fair use limit on the free plan of 100M monthly requests. If you plan on sending more than that, please reach out to us and we can find a solution together!

        • Which payment methods do you accept?

          We support all major credit card providers, including VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX. For our Enterprise customers, we also support payment via wire transfer. Additional payment methods are not supported at this time.

        • Which currencies are supported?

          At this time, all of our invoices are in US dollars, and we do not support invoicing you in a different currency. However, if you are paying via a credit card, this should not cause any issues.

        • What happens if I go over my plan’s limit?

          First things first: We do NOT turn off your service if you exceed your plan’s limit. This applies to all of our plans. If you regularly exceed the limits we will reach out to you and discuss ways to remedy the situation, either by upgrading to a higher tier or temporarily disabling your service.

        • How can I cancel my subscription?

          You can cancel your Stellate subscription at any time and downgrade your organization to the Free plan. Depending on your setup, you might need to remove users and/or delete services to stay within the limits of your new plan.

        What are you waiting for?

        It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a fully functional CDN for your GraphQL API.