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A look under the hood

Stellate's Mechanics

Feel the need for speed with Stellate, delivering lightning-fast responses that'll make your users feel like they're on the Autobahn. Buckle up.

Caching for Speedy Responses

Caching GraphQL responses at the edge significantly reduces the need for repeated requests to your backend servers resulting in faster response times, lower latency, and enhanced scalability, providing a seamless user experience even during peak usage.

Performance Monitoring

Analyze metrics such as request volumes, cache hit rates, and response times, to identify performance bottlenecks and optimize your API infrastructure.

Partial Query Caching

Achieve faster response times and reduce the load on your backend servers. Partial query caching allows you to precisely control which parts of your GraphQL responses are cached, ensuring efficient utilization of caching resources.

Performance on a Global Scale

Our infrastructure seamlessly scales with your growing API traffic, providing consistent performance across the globe. Stellate reduces the load on your origin servers, enabling efficient scaling without compromising performance.

Cache Configuration

Strike the perfect balance between performance and data accuracy by fine-tuning your cache settings with customizable cache rules based on specific GraphQL queries, mutations, or fields.


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