Indestructible GraphQL APIs at any scale

GraphQL edge caching and metrics for any scale.


Faster p50 API response time

"There's no amount of money we can throw at our server that's going to remotely compete with the load times we get with Stellate."

Michael Bromley

Co-founder & CTO of Vendure,

Enterprise-grade Services

Why Stellate?

  • Scale with the GraphQL experts

    Built by creators and members of popular GraphQL projects, including GraphiQL, Pothos, urql and Gatsby, our team is here to ensure you’re successful with your GraphQL API.

  • Single Sign-On and Directory Sync

    Security is key, so are straightforward operations. Stellate supports SAML and OpenID Connect to make sure you’re in control at all times.

  • Unlimited seats, services and requests

    Leverage the Stellate platform with unlimited access and features at pricing that scales for your use case.

All enterprise upsides

Find all services and features of the enterprise plan at a glance. Please let us know if you’re missing something.

    • Monthly requests
    • Seats
    • Services
    • General
    • Locations worldwide
    • Custom domains
    • Environments (staging, prod)
    • Configuration CLI
    • Local development
    • GraphQL Edge Caching
    • Fine-grained configuration
    • Expiry-based invalidation
    • Automatic mutation invalidation
    • Purging API
    • Purging IDE
    • Operation-Level Cache Rules Analysis
    • Max Cache Hit Rate Estimation
    • GraphQL Metrics
    • Operation-level cache hit rate analysis
    • Operation-level performance monitoring
    • Performance alerts
    • GraphQL & HTTP error tracking
    • Error alerts
    • Email alerts
    • Slack alerts
    • Schema usage tracking
    • Custom Attributes Tracking
    • Max Cache Hit Rate Estimation
    • Retention (days)
    • GraphQL Security
    • Request-count-based limits
    • Complexity-based limits
    • Operation dependent rules
    • Custom consumer identification
    • Real-time visibility
    • Support
    • Email support
    • Community support (Discord)
    • Live chat support (within business hours)
    • 99.99% Uptime SLA
    • SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Data Processing Agreement
    • Volume discounts
    • Custom
    • Custom
    • 101
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Custom

Let’s talk enterprise.

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