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We’ve spent many sleepless nights worrying about scaling, uptime, security and performance in our career. Now, we want to take care of that for you, so you can focus on building a great product instead.


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You love GraphQL and want to work at a fully distributed startup? Come join us at Stellate!

Our team

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  • Andreas Heiberg's avatar

    Andreas Heiberg

    Engineering Manager

  • Bogdan Soare's avatar

    Bogdan Soare

    Frontend Engineer

  • Stephan Schneider's avatar

    Stephan Schneider

    Software Engineer

  • Victor Tortolero's avatar

    Victor Tortolero

    Frontend Engineer

  • Kamil Lafere's avatar

    Kamil Lafere

    Product Designer

  • Jenald Villena's avatar

    Jenald Villena

    Global People Operations Manager

  • Cheryl Solis's avatar

    Cheryl Solis

    Senior Technical Writer

  • Daniel Lehr's avatar

    Daniel Lehr

    Software Engineer

  • Maria Constantine's avatar

    Maria Constantine

    Executive Operations Manager

  • Thomas Heyenbrock's avatar

    Thomas Heyenbrock

    Software Engineer

  • Kevin Strickler's avatar

    Kevin Strickler

    Demand Generation Marketing Manager

  • Max Stoiber's avatar

    Max Stoiber


  • Tim Suchanek's avatar

    Tim Suchanek


  • Sue Odio's avatar

    Sue Odio

    Head of Operations & People

  • Marko Locher's avatar

    Marko Locher

    Head of Customer Success

  • Dominic Petrick's avatar

    Dominic Petrick

    Software Engineer

  • Lauren Bell's avatar

    Lauren Bell

    Full-Cycle Recruiter

  • Mark Huber's avatar

    Mark Huber

    Product Manager

  • Jovi De Croock's avatar

    Jovi De Croock

    Software Engineer

We love GraphQL

Stellate is made by core team members and creators of some of the most popular open-source projects in the GraphQL ecosystem, including Prisma, the GraphQL Playground, GraphiQL, urql, Gatsby and many more.