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How Australia's Leading Automotive Publication Saved 40% of their Infrastructure Costs with GraphQL Edge Caching

It’s infrastructure savings; it's the total cost of ownership. Commercially, we’re better off with Stellate in the mix.

Kartik Rao

Technology Director, Drive


Faster p50 API response time


Reduction in Cloud Cost


Less API traffic

Discover how Drive, Australia's top source for automotive news and data, revolutionized its website and achieved remarkable results. By implementing Stellate's GraphQL edge caching solution, Drive reduced its infrastructure costs by 40% and load on its servers by an impressive 85.6%.

One of the major challenges Drive encounters every week is handling sudden bursts of traffic, particularly with its media-rich content such as the popular Mega Test articles. To address this, Drive leveraged Stellate's GraphQL edge caching, which significantly improved performance, reliability, and scalability.

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