Reduce Costs

Reduce Infrastructure Costs with Stellate

Reduce the cost of your GraphQL API while delivering an exceptional user experience with Stellate’s caching, performance insights, and rate limiting.

Trusted by more than 400 GraphQL APIs in production

Stellate allows us to avoid painful run-away costs and service usage by caching GraphQL requests and also allow us to speed up what we didn’t cache before.

Dylan Valade

Head of Global E-Commerce Technology

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This is what real cost savings look like

Lower your Cloud Provider's Costs

Reduce your infrastructure costs by 40% and improve performance.

Edge Caching

Reduce backend load and boost performance by using Stellate's GraphQL Edge Caching. Cache GraphQL queries at the edge, minimizing response times and lowering infrastructure costs.

GraphQL Metrics

Monitor performance and identify issues by understanding cache hit rates and your volume of requests. Make decisions with your data to optimize your API and reduce cloud costs.

GraphQL Security

Shield your GraphQL API from abuse with rate limiting. Define custom rate limits based on mutations, queries, or fields to maintain optimal performance and protect your infrastructure and its costs from climbing.

A look under the hood

Stellate's Mechanics

Say goodbye to unnecessary server load and say hello to savings, all while delivering a lightning-fast user experience.

Edge Caching

Minimize origin requests by caching GraphQL responses at the edge, improving response times and reducing infrastructure costs.


Identify potential cost optimization opportunities by understanding request volumes, cache hit rates, and rate limiting usage insights into your GraphQL API usage patterns.

Partial Query Caching

Maximize what is cacheable in every query with PQC - cache what can be and only fetch what can't.

Scalability and Performance

Reduce the load on your backend servers, enabling cost-effective infrastructure scaling with consistent performance and availability.

Rate Limiting

Manage traffic using parameters such as user roles, request types, or query fields. Rate limiting enables prevents service degradation and can reduce costs.

Cache Configuration

Configure and fine-tune your cache settings. Easily define cache rules based on specific GraphQL queries, mutations, or fields.


What are you waiting for?

It takes minutes to set up our platform for your GraphQL API to see where you can scale and start making optimizations.