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Safeguard your GraphQL infrastructure and mitigate potential risks with our comprehensive security features.

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Our origin's request load dropped by more than 50% — traffic spikes are no longer a concern!

Ivan Vanderby

CPO & Co-Founder

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A look under the hood

Stellate's Mechanics

Shield your API with Stellate’s security measures making your data impenetrable. With our security filters, protect your valuable data and ensure the trust of your users.

Security Filters

Prevent memory exhaustion, unnecessary load, and unauthorized access attempts. Easy to configure and applied instantly.

Suggestion Masking

Suggestion masking prevents exposing sensitive schema information by eliminating the risk of arbitrary and invalid queries allowing you to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your API schema.

Persisted Operations Registry

Explicitly define the operations your GraphQL server will execute. Maintain the full flexibility of GraphQL while maximizing security.

Protect your API

Defend your API against scrapers and unexpected traffic spikes by implementing rate limiting. Prevent resource overconsumption, assure fair usage, and protect your API from potential abuse and disruptions.


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