Optimizing the cache hit rate

Stellate's Automatic Cache Invalidation, the Purging API made available based on your schema, and fine-grained Cache Rules ensure our customers get the highest cache hit rate possible. We usually see cache hit rates ranging from 50% to 95% depending on the use case.

There are some reasons beyond the configuration and purging that affect the cache hit rate:

  • Authenticated users: Query results that differ between authenticated users should be cached separately with Scopes.
  • Multiple locations: Every one of Stellate's 60 worldwide locations has its own local cache.
  • Query size and other limits: If you respond with large amounts of data (133mb+), we might not be able to cache it.
  • LRU caching: Finally, we use an LRU (least-recently-used) cache, so uncommonly requested data might be evicted before the maxAge or swr time expires.

We also recommend taking a look at our Caching Metrics Insights topic to understand how you can use these metrics to improve your cache hit rate.

If necessary, contact us at support@stellate.co to talk through specific strategies to optimize your cache hit rate.