About Integrations

Integrations with Stellate services enhance the functionality and performance of GraphQL APIs by connecting various tools, plugins, and services. Stellate integrations offer capabilities like metrics logging and cache invalidation strategies, allowing developers to optimize their GraphQL implementations.

Stellate Metrics Plugins

Plugins are extensions that add new analytics capabilities to GraphQL servers. You can easily use Stellate GraphQL Metrics without proxying all your requests through Stellate. To achieve that you can push data about your GraphQL requests to our logging endpoint directly from your origin server. Stellate offers several options for collecting GraphQL Metrics.

Stellate provides the following types of metrics plugins:

JavaScript Plugins

Collect and report GraphQL metrics for JavaScript-based servers, including:

Other Language Plugins

Stellate also provides a metrics logging API that provides details about enpoint properties. Read the Metrics Loggin API in our Reference section for more information.

Stellate Invalidation Plugins

Invalidation plugins automatically invalidate cached data when certain events occur, ensuring users receive up-to-date information. Stellate offers the following plugins:

  • Vendure Invalidation Plugin: Ensures backend changes invalidate cached responses for Vendure-hosted e-commerce sites.
  • WordPress Invalidation Plugin: Integrates with WordPress and WPGraphQL for cache invalidation.

Stellate Configuration Templates

Configuration templates are predefined configurations for setting up caching and invalidation strategies with Stellate services. They are maintained by various platforms and can be customized for specific use cases. Examples include:

  • Saleor Cache Configuration Template: Helps set up caching for Saleor GraphQL APIs.
  • Contentful Cache Configuration Template: Recommends using Contentful webhooks with Stellate configurations for cache management.

These templates enable developers to quickly implement caching and invalidation best practices tailored to their platform's needs.

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