Jun 6, 2022

GraphCDN is now Stellate and we’ve raised $30M to build the global data graph

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TL;DR: GraphCDN is now Stellate and we’ve raised $30M in funding to unlock access to the world’s data! 🎉 We’re going to invest into making our GraphQL Edge Cache and Analytics even better, building more tooling for companies using GraphQL and creating the global data graph.

GraphCDN is now Stellate
GraphCDN is now Stellate

The more we spoke with our customers and listened to the ecosystem, the more it became clear that our opportunity extends far beyond building, “The GraphQL CDN.” We’ve heard over and over that companies want to enable third-party developers to integrate with their GraphQL APIs to unlock the business value of others innovating with their data.

However, the flexibility that GraphQL enables and developers love means that this is a non-trivial engineering challenge. The MANGA companies of the world have the engineering resources to make this happen, but outside those walls open GraphQL APIs are scarce. We’re here to change that by giving every company the power of enabling third-party integrations with their GraphQL API.

Once the world’s GraphQL APIs are accessible for third-party developers, we believe that there’s immense value in connecting all of these disparate graphs into a single, unified graph of all of the world’s data: the global data graph. More on this here.

Solving some of these problems will involve our CDN, but solving some others won’t. That’s why we’re renaming the company Stellate.

The other thing we’re announcing is that we’ve raised $30M of funding: our $5M Seed round, led by boldstart ventures, as well as our $25M Series A, led by Tiger Global. This puts us in an ideal position to fulfill our ambitions and allows us to step on the gas to accelerate product development.

One more announcement: we’re growing the team across all departments! Have a look at our (shiny, new!) careers page, check out our recent One Job, One Pay announcement and tell us why you’re excited to work at Stellate and where you excel – over Twitter, through emoji, or really any form of communication.

The last year has been quite the journey. The traction we feel in the market is undeniable (64x YoY growth!), and we’re very fortunate to have been able to raise three rounds of funding in less than 12 months and grow from just us two founders to a formidable team of 11.

We can’t wait to see where we’ll be 12 months from now.


P.S.: Why Stellate? The word stellate means “arranged in a radiating pattern like that of a star,” which is very fitting: every node in a graph, when looked at individually, is stellate.