May 9, 2023

Announcing GraphQL Developer Portal: Give others access to your GraphQL API in minutes

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You have partners or users that want to integrate with your platform. That’s great! You want to give them access to your GraphQL API. That’s even better! But then, almost immediately, you run into a few roadblocks:

  1. How do they authenticate with your GraphQL API?

  2. How do they know how to use your GraphQL API?

  3. How do you know how they’re using your GraphQL API?

  4. How can you ensure they don’t send huge queries that crash your servers?

Today, we're excited to announce the public beta release of our GraphQL Developer Portal. Simply enable it in your Stellate configuration and you get:

  1. API Key Management: Your users and partners can create API keys that allow them to fetch their data through your API. You can manage those API keys to ensure malicious actors can’t cause any trouble.

  2. Developer Portal & Documentation: You can write any documentation (with Markdown!) so the people accessing your API know how to use it

Portal Preview
Portal Preview

And of course, every Stellate service already comes with:

  1. GraphQL Metrics: See how your users or partners are using your GraphQL API, including the specific operations they send, any errors they hit, and much more

  2. GraphQL Rate Limiting: Set fine-grained rate limits per consumer to ensure nobody is using more of your API than they should

Portal Preview
Portal Preview

Check out how to set up the portal in just a few minutes in this video.

Want to get started? Check out the docs on how to create a developer portal for your GraphQL API:

Bring your own auth

The new developer portal comes with batteries-included auth. You want to bring your own auth? Let us know over here.

Next up: Billing

Pricing Blueprint Image
Pricing Blueprint Image

Your API has valuable data and you want to monetize it?

We’re building GraphQL API Billing, just for that use-case. In contrast to ordinary API billing, GraphQL will be a first-class citizen. One query could have a lot of complexity and result in costly resolver calls under the hood. Stellate’s billing will take that into account to provide a fair and transparent billing policy for your GraphQL API.

If you’re interested, you can upvote Developer Portal Billing here