Sep 14, 2023

Introducing CacheGuard: Change Management for your Cache Configuration

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Developers making changes to cache configurations can accidentally cause sensitive data leaks (by caching too much data) or origin traffic spikes (by caching less data than before).

No cache has solved this before.

Until today.

Introducing CacheGuard: change your cache configuration with confidence with your new Cache Rule Directory and Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview.

Cache Rule Directory: Connect cache rules to your production traffic

Specifically for GraphQL caching, the impact of changing per-type or per-field cache configuration (which is essential for GraphQL) on the caching behavior of the queries sent by your clients is not always obvious — particularly if you use Relay-style fragment composition.

With your brand-new Cache Rule Directory, you can:

  1. Identify which operations your API handles in production (based on your collected GraphQL Metrics) are affected by a specific cache rule

  2. See excluded queries that will never be cached because they contain at least one

    nonCacheable type or field

Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview: Preview how cache configuration changes will affect production traffic

Building upon this new visualization, we’ve also shipped Real-Time Cache Configuration Preview, which allows you to preview how cache configuration changes will affect your actual production traffic:

To ensure developers actually use the preview, we need to integrate it into their software development lifecycle. Thus, we are also introducing a GitHub integration that will comment on any PR that touches the cache configuration with the preview:

If you use a CI system other than GitHub Actions, please submit a feature request and we’ll prioritize further integrations accordingly.

If you’ve hesitated to cache your GraphQL API because you are worried about cache leaks or traffic spikes caused by unsuspecting configuration changes, now is the perfect time to start with Stellate’s GraphQL edge caching.

Stay tuned for more cache change management features coming to CacheGuard designed to catch caching issues when your client teams change GraphQL queries. 😎