Jul 13, 2022

Lee Byron joins Stellate as an advisor

We are really excited to announce that Lee Byron, the co-creator of GraphQL and the Executive Director of the GraphQL Foundation, joins Stellate as an advisor!

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation; it is often on the shoulders of giants who have come before us. This is why we are so thrilled and humbled that our vision and moxie resonated with Lee to have him join us in our journey, as an advisor, to unlock access to the world’s data by creating the global data graph:

“A global data graph has been a long-sought vision, a potential leap forward for the web and what we can build atop it, and a source of consistent steep challenges. I can think of no better team than Stellate to meet these challenges and see this vision through.

Their investment in GraphQL, particularly via leadership of tools like GraphiQL, partnership with the GraphQL Foundation, and community support to host events and meetings show their broad support beyond their vision for a global data graph to support the overall GraphQL ecosystem.

I'm thrilled to lend my time and support to Stellate as they unlock and interconnect the world's data.” — Lee Byron

We’re excited to collaborate and tap into his extensive knowledge of GraphQL, open-source, engineering leadership, and more to help us bring our vision to the world.