Jul 27, 2021

Announcing Stellate has acquired FastQL, the first GraphQL CDN

Three years ago Zach was building an app and ran into a problem — there was no easy way to cache the GraphQL API he was working with. He decided to pivot from the app and focus on solving GraphQL at the edge, creating FastQL, the first GraphQL CDN. As a side project, FastQL powered many production apps, but Zach knew that there was a bigger opportunity to expand beyond just caching.

When we showed him an early prototype of the Stellate Edge Cache, he immediately realized this was the next evolution of his original plan for FastQL. We quickly figured out that we should work together, so today, we are excited to announce that Stellate has acquired FastQL!

We'll be transitioning all existing FastQL customers to the stellate Edge Cache over the coming months. The Stellate Edge Cache already offers some of the advanced features they have been asking for, like per-user caching, traffic analytics, and malicious query protection, and we're constantly building more. On top of that, the Stellate Edge Cache is based on Fastly's infrastructure and has 60 worldwide edge locations.

Zach is a visionary in the GraphQL space, so we're delighted to have him in our corner advising us. His input on our product and roadmap based on his experience running FastQL has already been invaluable.