Feb 6

Updates to Stellate's Pricing Model

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To cut to the chase, we’re increasing our prices. Here’s why:

Despite significantly improving our edge caching product over the past three years (including Partial Query Caching, CacheGuard, Directives, Errors, Custom Attributes, Dynamic Scopes, and more) and introducing entirely new products - Metrics and Rate Limiting - we have never raised our prices since the initial launch almost three years ago.

Fundamentally, what we are charging no longer aligns with the value we provide. Our customers have confirmed this: more than a dozen proactively mentioned wanting to pay us more (we have the best customers 💙).

Historically, we've also always had a single price for everything, despite most of our customers picking and choosing the features and products from our buffet of offerings (now expanded even further) that match their needs best.

Pricing Changes

  • We are changing our list price, i.e., the price that self-serve customers pay that you can see on our website.

    • In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to affected customers directly with specific pricing impacts.

    • This change does not affect enterprise contracts. We will have a conversation with our enterprise customers at the next renewal.

    • Moving forward, new signups will use the new pricing once their trial ends

  • The big change is that we will be charging independently for GraphQL Metrics, Caching, and Rate Limiting.

    • Metrics are $10/1M requests

      • Requests that contain cacheable fields or types are an additional $5/1M requests

      • Requests evaluated for rate limiting are an additional $5/1M requests

  • The Business plan will include a minimum spend of $249, which comes with 25 million metrics requests

  • The free plan will be limited to 100k requests per month. For requests above 100k, they will merely pass through our gateway.

    • Our previous “unlimited free plan” was intended to allow individual developers to use Stellate for side projects without worrying about how many requests they serve.

    • However, we have found that many businesses that make money use Stellate on the free plan! More often than not, we think that they don’t even know that this isn’t the intent of our free plan.

    • We still strongly believe in supporting developers and open source projects; even Stellate started as a side project. So, if you’re a developer with an OSS project or otherwise side project that is using and loving Stellate, please contact our support team.

On May 1st, all free and self-service users will be moved to the new pricing. We understand you might need more time if you want to migrate away from Stellate. If so, please email our CEO at max@stellate.co, and we’ll work with you to figure out a timeline.

We also know pricing is notoriously difficult to get right, so we’d love to hear your feedback to see what we could improve with our next iteration. Let our CEO know at max@stellate.co what you think.