How Rising Content Platform Hashnode Boosted SEO and Stability By Edge Caching GraphQL APIs

We needed caching for our API, we wanted to make sure our database didn’t go down, and we needed to be as performant as possible. That’s when we found Stellate.

Alessandro Volpicella

Platform Engineering Lead, Hashnode


Faster p50 API response time


Less API traffic

Discover how Hashnode, a content platform for software developers, achieved remarkable improvements in SEO and stability by implementing GraphQL Edge Caching with Stellate.

Hashnode faced challenges in maintaining performance and stability while expanding its user base and kept their SEO excellence. Using Stellate's GraphQL Edge Caching, Hashnode achieved optimal performance, stability, and an excellent user experience.

In this case study, you'll learn how Hashnode addressed its growing pains by adopting the right technology stack, including Apollo Server, AWS, Cloudflare, Next.js, MongoDB Atlas, and TypeScript.

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