Feb 7

Launch Week: Partial Query Caching is Generally Available

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In October we released Partial Query Caching (PQC), which we believe is one of the most exciting recent additions to the GraphQL ecosystem. As we discussed previously, maximizing cache effectiveness in GraphQL is notoriously difficult. But, as engineers, by making intentional trade-offs and assumptions, we were confident we could optimize cache effectiveness safely - and we have. That's why today we're excited to announce that Partial Query Caching is generally available.

The majority of our time since the alpha and beta releases has gone into improving the safety of PQC. We’ve made investments in list handling, properly accounting for SWR, respecting Vary headers, fragments handling, supporting request signing, improving automatic purging, and many more. All of these improvements have given us the confidence to move PQC into GA. As of today, PQC is enabled by default for newly created services.

To learn more about Partial Query Caching, head on over to our docs. Also, check out our previous posts to learn about the initial PQC launch, the maturity to beta, and how we intelligently handle lists.